Keeping Up With the Kattarshians

Iceland‘s newest reality tv show is set to be a charm you, thanks to its furry and cuddly stars: the tiny, achingly cute kittens who make up the cast of Keeping Up With the Kattarshians.

Capture d’écran 2017-02-25 à 20.09.32.png

This show was created in partnership with the Icelandic Cat Protection Society that’s available to stream online from Icelandic broadcaster Nutiminn.

The kittens (Guðni, Ronja, Bríet, and Stubbur) of KUWTK all came from a local animal rescue shelter before they moved into a fully furnished “cat” house, where they eat, play, live, and sleep.

Multiple hidden cameras provide a continuous live-stream of these felines’ antics, just like Big Brother.

Viewers can peep the kittens sleeping in mini bunk beds, sitting in little pod chairs, or snacking in their spacious kitchen.

Check them below, or on the livestream!

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